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What does the phrase “Your Kingdom come” mean in Jesus’ model prayer? Whose Kingdom? What’s it like? Where is it? The word “Your” refers to our Heavenly Father. It is God’s Kingdom. If you want to know about a kingdom, you look to its leader. Exodus 34:6 tells us what God is like: compassionate, gracious, […]

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What happens when you accidentally use powdered sugar for cane sugar in a recipe? Can it be separated from the other ingredients? This was the question Lower School (3-6) Principal, Nanci Griffith, asked students in chapel today as she explained Romans 8:38-39. Just like the powdered sugar could not be removed from the mixing bowl, […]

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Lower School (K-2) Principal, Jim Parrish, asked students in chapel to think about all the things God has created. He asked them to share their favorite ones. As you can imagine, puppies and kittens topped the list, but Mr. Parrish reminded students that God created SO much more. God created the universe and all of […]

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Being kind to one another isn’t just something that is good to do, it is something God calls us to do. During Lower School (grades 3-4) chapel today, School Counselor Nancy Secrest reminded students that God created them just the way they are for His glory. Our eye color, hair color, height, and skin color–God […]

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