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Staff Directory

Upper School

Tim Kraynak (WC ’94)

Andrew Sweigard (WC ’03)

Cory Baugher (WC ’96)

Austin Bruns

Christie Burns

Pam Cain

Michael Clutz

Jason Colley

Lisa Cunningham LSN, NCSN

Aimee Decker

Jennifer Deskins

Deana England

Laura Fitzpatrick

Debbie Gilliland

Rhonda Hearon

Bill Holloway

Christina Hoverman

Nick Johnson

Renee Johnson

Dawn McMahon

Kayley Mikulec

Chelsea Meyers

Tim Miner

Raechel Morrow

Marsha Olsen

David O’Roark

Abby Palmer

Amy Powell

Joe Price

Jennifer Reep

Dan Roads

Stephanie Smith

Emily Solinger

Kim Stevenson

James Storey

David Stoll (WC ’90)

Holly Varian (WC ’91)

Trevor Wadsworth

Joel Walton (WC ’06)

Martha Weygandt

Kathy White

Krista Wood

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