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What’s your passion?

It’s hard to imagine what Worthington Christian School would be like today without our community’s generous financial blessings and sacrifices. Since 1973, many have walked with us as we prepare young men and women to engage in this ever-changing world for Jesus Christ. We are indeed blessed and thankful. If you want to talk confidentially about supporting WC, contact Polly Shoemaker, director of advancement, by email or at 614-410-4231.


A flexible and powerful form of support.

When a donor chooses not to specify how his/her gift may be used, the gift is called “unrestricted.” Unrestricted funds (Where Needed Most) are a very powerful form of support because they allow the WC to use them as it sees fit where current (and often time-sensitive) needs are greatest. 


A life-changing adventure with a purpose.

Since 2000, the Upper School has partnered with S.C.O.R.E. International to offer a Senior Capstone trip to the Dominican Republic. The life-changing experience is a highlight for WC graduates.

Alumni Fund

This biennial trip allows WC graduates to return to the site of their senior capstone experience and to serve alongside fellow alumni. Gifts to this fund assists with trip expenses, including serving the physical and spiritual needs of adults and children.

Ministry Fund

Gifts to this fund enable WC students and alumni to serve adults’ and children’s physical and spiritual needs when traveling to the Dominican Republic. Projects vary from year-to-year and can range from painting and roofing to purchasing craft supplies and music for VBS.

Scholarship Fund

Gifts to this fund assist WC seniors who fall short of their individual fundraising goal, therefore, making it possible for them to participate in this annual capstone experience. Gifts may not be designated for a specific student.


Leaving a legacy for generations to come.

The Worthington Christian School Foundation was established in 2012 for the express purpose of giving families a vehicle to create funds or contribute to existing funds intended for the future growth and development of WC. The foundation is housed at The Columbus Foundation, where gifts are invested in socially responsible stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The proceeds from investments are either reinvested or distributed back to WC for their intended purpose.

A minimum gift of $25,000 is required to establish a new fund, but families are welcome to contribute donations of any size to existing accounts.

General Endowment Fund

This restricted fund is designed to provide a long-term, stable source of revenue for WC that is not dependent upon tuition.

Above and Beyond in Christ Fund

This is a restricted fund where individuals may acknowledge and thank current and former WC faculty and staff who made an extraordinary impact on their life. Investment earnings and dividends provide continuing education dollars to faculty and staff, as well as supplemental classroom materials and supplies over-and-above the general operating budget.

fund for academic excellence

The Fund for Academic Excellence is a family of funds that includes ten named scholarships and four special faculty and staff awards. Gifts may be directed to any of the named scholarships or awards or to an unrestricted account that provides supplemental funding for all of the scholarships and awards. Additionally, new scholarships and awards can be established in the Fund for Academic Excellent at any time. Awards and scholarships include the following:


The Teacher of the Year is selected annually by a vote of fellow WC teachers. This cash award is given to the faculty member who best demonstrates the ability to inspire all students to learn intellectually and spiritually.


This cash award is presented annually to two WC teachers who have “made a difference” by inspiring and encouraging students at WC. The award is based on 2 Timothy 4:2.


This cash award recognizes an individual who exhibits exemplary academic service to WC and its students. The award recognizes unselfish service to students and fellow faculty and staff members.


This cash award recognizes a non-academic staff person who, by his or her actions, faithfully represents the Lord in their daily work. Often behind the scenes, their effort is essential to fulfilling the mission of WC.


The 1995 WC graduating class established this scholarship. The scholarship represents all WC alumni and is given to an Upper School student in ninth through eleventh grade who excels in both academics and extracurricular activity and who exhibits a Christ-like attitude in all they do.


The WC Music Boosters established the Bechtel Scholarship as a Music Scholarship. It was renamed to honor Bob Bechtel, who taught instrumental and choral music for thirteen years at WC before his death in 2004. The recipient is an Upper School ninth through eleventh-grade student who evidences maturity in Christ, continuous activity in music coursework and activity, and is successful academically.


This scholarship was created in 1993 by Worthington Christian School to honor Pastor Jim and Triciene Custer’s steadfast commitment to Christian education. The recipient is a ninth through eleventh-grade student who demonstrates the ideals of WC, exhibits wisdom, leadership, and maturity in personal relationships, and has a deep commitment to Jesus Christ. Preferably, the student is an active participant in the ministries of Grace Brethren Church.  


The Lucille V. Davis Grandparents Memorial Scholarship was established in 2002 by the Dittenber family in memory of Debbie’s mother, Lucille V. Davis. Mrs. Davis was a faithful volunteer at WC who did “whatever was needed” but who most enjoyed reading to students. The recipient alternates annually between a Lower School student in first through sixth grade and an Upper School student in seventh through eleventh grade who is above average academically, works hard at their studies, and demonstrates a love of reading.


The James H. and Margaret A. Fette Memorial Scholarship was established in 1995 in memory of Jim’s parents. The recipient is awarded to an eighth-grade WC student who will be a freshman the following year. The student should be successful academically, participate in one or more extracurricular activities, and exhibit a Christ-like attitude.


The Jerele Scholarship was established in 1991 by Dr. and Mrs. James Jerele in honor of Dr. Jerele’s parents, who strongly believed in the value of Christian education.  Criteria for the Jerele Scholarship include being a WC eleventh-grade student who exhibits a desire to remain a student at a WC and is a student with high moral character.


The Junior Academic Scholarship was established in 1989 by the Worthington Christian School Academic Boosters Club.  Criteria for the Junior Academic Scholarship include being a WC eleventh-grade student with the highest GPA from the beginning of their freshman year through the end of the second trimester of their junior year.  The student also should strive to achieve excellence in their academic endeavors, use the mental abilities the LORD has given them as evidenced by outstanding academic achievement, and participate in WC activities.


This memorial scholarship was established by the WC Class of 2007 to honor Jared Pyles, who went home to be with the LORD on May 31, 2006. The recipient will be an upper school student in the ninth through eleventh grade, be actively involved at their church, participate in music and/or athletics, demonstrate leadership qualities, and display a Christ-like attitude.


The Martha Ann Walker Memorial Scholarship was established in 1992 by Mrs. Edith Walker in memory of her daughter, Martha, a fourth-grade teacher at WC who put her whole heart into teaching. The scholarship recipient is to be a fourth-grade Lower School student at WC, who is a good student, exhibits a cheerful attitude, and has love and enthusiasm for the Bible.


The Wanko family established the Michael Thomas Wanko Memorial Scholarship in memory of their son Michael who went home to be with the LORD on February 20, 1995, at seventeen. The scholarship is based on Isaiah 40:31. The recipient will be a Lower School student in first through fifth grade who is a high academic achiever, gifted in athletics and music, and competitive and loving.

Jack and Betty Anne Jeffrey Scholarship Fund

This restricted fund directs investment earnings and dividends to provide scholarships to WC seniors who might otherwise not be able to go on the annual mission trip to the Dominican Republic.


This restricted fund provides additional tuition dollars to an incoming Upper School student (Grades 7-12) who demonstrates a desire for Christian education and has a qualified financial need.  

Lillian St. Clair Fund

This is a restricted fund where investment earnings and dividends are to be used for general WC operation expenses as determined by the current WC Administration and Board of Directors.


This restricted fund directs investment earnings toward financial assistance through a scholarship to teachers to aid in continuing education. The criteria for the scholarship are as follows:

  • The teacher has taught at WC for three or more school years;
  • The teacher is pursuing a degree in an area that will benefit students; and
  • The teacher has shown a commitment to WC.

Lynda Zimmerman Fund

This restricted fund directs investment earnings and dividends to provide additional dollars to help families who desire a Christian education for their children and student scholarships to families in need.

New Teacher Welcome Fund

This restricted fund is designed to assist Lower School teachers new to WC outfits and personalize their classroom by purchasing materials not covered by the operating budget.


The gift of a lifetime.

An inherent quality of Christian education is making financial assistance available to mission-minded families with a qualified financial need. Your gift will lend a hand to 85+ families and 165+ students each school year.


Worship through the performing arts.

Gifts made to the Randy Kettering Family Performing Arts Fund advance WC’s flourishing performing arts program.

About Randy Kettering and Family

Randy and Jane Kettering became associated with Grace Polaris Church (formerly Grace Brethren Church) and WC in the early 1970s, where they served until their retirement in June 2018. Randy and Jane have two daughters—Jeni and Jesi—who graduated from WC in 2000 and 2003, respectively.

“Randy has been faithful in his visionary, compassionate leadership. While music and communications have been his focus, his legacy includes that of a teacher, mentor, counselor, gifted artist, supporter, encourager, risk-taker, talent-recognizer, and friend.” —Kettering Performing Arts Fund Supporter

About the Kettering Performing Arts Fund

The Randy Kettering Family Performing Arts Fund has been established to advance Randy’s legacy of investing in others and using performing arts (band, choir, orchestra, and theatre) to bring honor and praise to the name of Jesus. Gifts to the Kettering Performing Arts Fund are used as follows:

  • Financial assistance to help students with instrument rentals, school-sponsored performing arts trips, and other such expenses.
  • Equipment or other resources identified by the Performing Arts Directors which enhance the performing arts program and are over-and-above WC’s operating budget.
  • Partial scholarships for two students who are active participants in the performing arts program, who demonstrate compassionate leadership and use performing arts to glorify God, and who have financial need.



In March 2022, WC announced a new state of Ohio tax credit and how it benefits taxpayers and WC students. In this four-minute video, Finance Director Randy Steckel further explains the law, who it benefits, and how to receive a dollar-for-dollar state tax credit for up to $750 per individual.



At WC, we aim to create an environment of big dreams. The kind of big dreams that engage students in the type of learning to which WC aspires–experiential, authentic, and purposeful. The kind of big dreams that involve projects in which students can get their “hands dirty,” learning from doing and actively engaging their world. The kind of big dreams that spark student curiosity and inquiry. The kind of big dreams that help students develop a coherent understanding of the world, connect their learning to meaningful questions, and contribute solutions to critical problems.

Gifts to the Teacher Innovation-Student Engagement Grant Program (Teacher Grant Program) financially support these “big dreams” that may require resources outside of the regular sources of funding. This program is ideal for donors who wish to support teachers and academics at WC.


Bless a teacher.

The heartbeat of WC is our faculty—the men and women called by God to educate and disciple this and future generations of Warriors for Christ. It is the influence of faculty that alumni and alumni parents mention most often when reflecting on their WC experience.

WC invites you to participate in a program designed to bless our faculty with an opportunity for respite and renewal. We’re seeking families willing to offer the use of the following at no or minimal charge to WC faculty:

  • Timeshares
  • Privately Owned Vacation Homes
  • Vacation Packages
  • Airline Miles
  • Hotel Points

Timeshares for Teachers gives faculty a rejuvenating vacation that they otherwise might not be able to afford.

How the Program Works

  • Families express their desire to offer their timeshare, vacation home, etc. by clicking on the button and completing the online form.
  • WC finalizes a list of donated opportunities by November 15.
  • The list of possibilities is made available to full-time teachers, who in turn, express their interest by December 1.
  • Selection is determined by lottery and communicated to teachers by December 15.
  • Teachers make initial contact with donors by December 31 to begin making logistical arrangements.
How to Participate

Please submit the Timeshares for Teachers form by November 15. Donations of time at your timeshare, privately owned vacation home, etc. are not eligible for a tax deduction (IRS Publication 526).

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