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Announcements and information for Upper School parents and students.

This Week

  • Out of Uniform Day: We have our first OOU day Friday, September 25! Please see the handbook regarding OOU guidelines.
  • Dominican Republic Awareness OOU Days: Each of the 6 houses sponsors a student at a school in the Dominican Republic (the seniors have the chance to visit this school and meet these kids when we go on the senior trip). In order to support these kids, we are inviting every WC upper school student to donate $10. As a thank you, any student who brings in that $10 will get to be OOU on the first Tuesday of every month.
    • Grades 9-12 – Students should bring their $10 to family time and give it to their head of household.
    • Grades 7-8 – Mr. Clutz will communicate how this money will be collected.
Looking Ahead

  • House Shirt Days: We will wear our house shirts TWICE a month this year! (OOU on the bottom — meaning jeans or other OOU appropriate apparel according to the handbook!) This goes for all upper school students. These are NOT out of uniform days. You must wear your house shirt!
    Shirts will be worn:
  • Fall Musical: Our fall musical, Working, will have four performances over the course of three days, October 8, 9, and 10. Tickets will be available for purchase soon.
  • Picture Retakes: Picture retake day is Tuesday, October 20. If you have not yet had your picture taken, you must get yours done on this day! Also, please turn in your Picture Order Form when you come to get your picture taken.
Action Required

  • Cafeteria Volunteers Needed: We need café volunteers to help serve! We have openings Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Monday, Tuesday and Friday begin at 10:50 and Thursday begins at 11:20. If you are interested, please contact Kathy Kramer.
  • Transportation by Public Schools: Local school districts will dictate policies for transporting students to and from school. These will be affected by COVID-19. Please arrange with your local school district for transportation. Columbus, Dublin, Westerville, and Worthington will have transportation available.
  • FinalForms:  WC is using a new program for all forms that are typically turned in at the beginning of the school year (medical forms, handbook agreement, etc.). Be sure to log into your FinalForms account and make sure all forms have been completed. If you need any help, please contact our nurse, Lisa Cunningham.
  • Meningococcal Vaccine:  Ohio law requires all senior students to provide proof of immunization against meningitis. Seniors can use WC’s documentation form, or, they can provide other documentation from your physician’s office. This vaccination is required prior to the first day of school in August. Please contact our nurse, Lisa Cunningham, if you have any questions.
Quick Tips

  • Attendance Hotline:  Call 614-410-4343 to report your absent or tardy student.
  • Lunch Purchases:  To find the breakdown of food service purchases by student, log into Renweb, click on FACTS, then click on your food service balance, highlighted in blue, in the “Prepay Accounts” box.
  • Drop Off and Pick Up: We have new maps for morning drop off and afternoon pick up.  Please also see our Before School Procedures for more information regarding our morning routine.
  • Upper School Handbook: Whether you are new to WC or have been here a while, there are always questions that pop up especially with the beginning of a new school year. The Upper School Handbook is a great place to start!
  • Work Permits:  Students can save time by completing the work permit forms and taking them to their potential employer to complete their portion. Then bring the forms to the upper school office for a work permit to be issued. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for the office to complete the work permit.
  • Student Fobs:  We will no longer be using student fobs at our campuses. Old fobs can be turned in to the office or kept as a treasured keepsake!
  • Parking Passes:  Parking passes are required if a student drives himself to school. These can be purchased at the office for $10.
  • Visitors to WC:  All visitors, including parents, must sign in with the office upon arrival. This must be done before visiting any classrooms or performing any tasks on campus. At the time of check-in, the visitor will receive a visitor’s sticker to wear while on campus denoting their purpose.  All visitors must enter through the office which is located inside the school entrance doors. If you are coming to campus, you must wear a mask. If you are medically exempt, please bring a doctor’s note with you. In order to keep our school safe, we have to enforce this rule. Thank you for understanding!

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