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Upper School Announcements

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For Upper School Parents and Students

This Week

  • Wednesday
    • Battle Over Books (both lunches)
    • W.E.L.L. (lunch B)
  • Thursday
  • Friday
    • Small Business Management field trip
    • Jazz Band & Jazz Choir field trip
    • Girls Gathering (room 104 during lunch B)
  • Ski Club Sign Ups (starts January 5)
    • Ski Club is a winter activity available to all 7-12 students. Family members may also enjoy the club membership.
    • Ski Club travels to Snow Trails in Mansfield the first six consecutive Fridays of 2024.
    • To learn more about Ski Club and learn how to register click HERE.

Coming Up


  • Hours
    Office Hours | 8 AM – 4 PM
    School Hours | 8:20 AM – 3:20 PM
  • Attendance (Hotline: 614-410-4343)
    To report an absence, late arrival, or early dismissal before 9 AM on a school day, call the attendance hotline at 614-410-4343. Messages can also be left the night before and will be adjusted in attendance the next day. After 9 AM on a school day, please call the main office at 614-431-8210.
  • Chapel
    Parents are welcome to attend any of our chapels during the school year! They are every Wednesday in the Grace Polaris Church Worship Center (9-12 starts at 11:11 AM, 7-8 starts at 11:54 AM). Please remember that you must sign in at the Upper School office before going to chapel.
  • College Ready
    • Students can also meet with advisors in the Student Lounge before lunch.
    • Mondays during Lunch A in Room 101, and the Collaboration Room during Lunch B.
    • Tuesdays during Lunch B in the Collaboration Room.
  • Device Usage
    Personal technology such as cellphones or tablets may not be used during the entire school day.
    • Cellphones should be kept in lockers or backpacks. School-issued Chromebooks or personal laptops are the only devices permitted.
    • If parents need to get a message to their student, please call the main office and either Mrs. Lawhead or Ms. Di Asio will notify the student. If students need to use their cellphones, they must go to the main office or the nurse’s office to get permission.
    • Personal earbuds and headphones are also not permitted during the school day. The school will provide headsets for students who need to listen to audio for a class during their study hall period.
    • For more information, reference page 28 and 29 of the Upper School Student Handbook.
  • Wake Up WC!
    Our daily announcement broadcast, Wake Up WC!, is available to watch anywhere through our YouTube channel.
  • Work Permits
    Students needing a work permit should complete the pre-application form and have their employer complete the bottom portion. Then, bring the form to the office to be filed online. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for the office to complete the work permit filing process.
  • Warrior Moms Prayer Group
    Join us for a time of prayer every Friday morning at 8:20 AM outside of the Upper School, near the main office entrance. Questions? Contact Justine Styer.


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