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Staying informed has never been easier.

Take advantage of a myriad of communications designed to help busy families stay on top of all that’s happening at WC.


FACTS is your school connection and is used by teachers for academic purposes.  You can see homework assignments, view classroom newsletters, keep tabs on your child’s grades, print necessary forms, and have access to the school family directory. You can also put money on your student’s lunch account, pay for field trips, as well as pay tuition.  FACTS also offers an app for your smartphone or tablet. Visit the app store on your device to download.

Social Media

WC uses social media to post sports scores, share pictures, and video, and so much more. We host All-School, Athletic, and Alumni accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. WC can also be found on LinkedIn and YouTube. We host a private parent group on Facebook for parents to share ideas, collaborate, and more. Before access to the group is granted, you will be asked to answer one question.

You don’t have to create personal social media accounts to view announcements, photos, and videos, both live and pre-recorded, posted to WC’s social media accounts. Here’s how.

Text Alerts

This notification system is used to contact subscribers in the event of an emergency (e.g. fire, lockdown, etc.), school closings, and delays due do to inclement weather. We recommend all WC families and students subscribe. We promise not to flood your phone with text messages.

Subscribing is easy.

  • From your phone, text the word SUBSCRIBE to 614-505-4554.
  • Save this number to your contacts as WC Text Alerts.

ThisWeekWC is an e-newsletter delivered via email to your inbox on Wednesday afternoons. Its simple design allows you to quickly scan the content and click on the articles or links of interest to you while giving you an overview of all that is going on at WC. Don’t think you’re receiving ThisWeekWC? Check your spam or junk folder before contacting the office.

WC App

Downloading the WC App will allow you on-demand access to the most readily sought WC information including All-School News, campus-specific announcements, school calendars, lunch menus, and much more.  The WC App and school website (see below) are your primary sources of information. Everything in ThisWeekWC can be found on the WC App or website. Check it daily. Here’s how to get the WC app.

WC Calendar

The all-school calendar gives you a snapshot of everything going on at WC, except athletic contests. It can be viewed via the app and website. You are in charge of the types of events you wish to view, the format in which you view it (e.g. daily, weekly, monthly), and whether or not you want to subscribe to have the dates added (and automatically updated when there’s a change) to your calendar. The athletic calendar is also accessible via the website and app. Here’s how to customize and subscribe to the All-School Calendar.

WC Website

If you’re reading this, you’re on the school website. If you do not have a smartphone or choose not to download the app, you can find all of the same information here. Please check it often, especially the announcement page for your child’s campus.

WC Blog for parents

WC’s blog for parents, entitled “Navigating Your Child’s Education,” is an age-specific, education and parenting-related resource for parents anywhere. New blog posts are published each week. Find it under quick links (“Parent Blog”) for Parents and Students on WC’s home page or visit Navigating Your Child’s Education. Parents can subscribe to one age-specific blog (Ages 3-K, Grades 1-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12) or all of them to receive the latest posts via email.

WC Podcast for parents

WC also provides parents everywhere with relevant, age-specific education and parenting-related content via the bimonthly podcast for parents, also entitled “Navigating Your Child’s Education.” This podcast can be found anywhere one listens to podcasts (Apple Podcast, Spotify, etc.). It can also be found under quick links (“Parent Podcast”) for Parents and Students on WC’s home page or visit Navigating Your Child’s Education: A Podcast for Parents. Make sure to subscribe to receive the latest episode, and leave a rating and review.

WC Photo share and gallery

The WC Photo Gallery, hosted by SmugMug, has had millions of views and thousands of images and videos uploaded. There is no doubt; the WC community loves pictures! We invite you to share pictures and view pictures. Learn how.

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