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Keeping in touch

Communication among Worthington Christian teachers, parents, and students is one of the key factors for the Bond family

In the old days, struggling students lived in fear of the U.S. Postal Service when mail carriers delivered the grade cards from their school. Elton Bond said he and his wife Shayla don’t have to wait for the postal truck to deliver the end of the quarter news of how Gabrielle (WC ‘27) and Ethan (WC ’31) are doing in school.

In fact, they don’t have to wait until the end of the quarter. All of their students’ recorded grades are available with a push of a button on a smartphone or the tap of the keys on a computer.

“The teachers have been so very helpful,” Bond said. “They are constantly reaching out and keeping us informed on how our children are doing. The communication between the teachers, the students, and the parents has been excellent.

“That was one of the major differences between Worthington Christian and the other schools Gabrielle and Ethan have gone to. The teachers have a great ability to keep my wife and me up to date. They constantly talk to us about the progress of our kids.”

Using programs like Microsoft Teams and FACTS programs, parents can keep tabs on upcoming assignments, missing homework, and test and quiz scores.

That exchange of information, Bond said, was imperative during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 when students were learning virtually as well as inside the school.

“One of the things they have done during the pandemic is they’ve kept constantly updating us with what was going on,” he said. “They told us about the students’ work and kept students updated if they got sick and couldn’t come to school. They were always on top of it.”

The communication line among teachers, parents, and students goes far beyond academics. If an urgent need or concern arises during the day, parents and teachers can easily contact each other. For example, when a Worthington Christian teacher became concerned about one of the Bond children’s performance in math class, the teacher reached out not only to provide information, but to offer solutions.

“The teacher pointed us in the direction of some after-school programs and gave us some extra work to help our child improve,” Elton said. “They made sure everyone was on the same page. They do a great job of tracking that information and telling us when the kids need some help and what they needed to focus on outside of school.”

Also refreshing for some parents is that communication isn’t always bad. As a Christian school, Worthington Christian teachers often send out positive notes on student performance and behavior that serve as a source of encouragement.

“The biggest factor that led us to enroll our children at Worthington Christian was a chance for them to get an education in a Christian setting,” Bond said. “Christ is the center of our faith. We do everything we can to follow Him. We did a lot of research before we signed our kids up and that is how we found Worthington Christian.

“I would tell all my friends the experience I have had at Worthington Christian has been great. It’s a great school; the teachers are great, and our kids really enjoy it. It has been a great experience so far.”

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