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Worthington Christian meets Reids in the middle

Caring, compassionate approach convinces family Worthington Christian is the place for them

Stephanie and David Reid had two different experiences in education when they were growing up. Stephanie went to public schools for elementary school and then was homeschooled through middle and high school. David, on the other hand, attended a non-Christian, private school for grades 1-12.

When the two were looking for a school for their own children, David and Stephanie found a perfect medium between their two backgrounds in Worthington Christian School. The school offers smaller classroom sizes like Stephanie grew up with and challenging academic rigor like David experienced. David Jr (WC ‘21), Stephen (WC ‘23), and Jonathan (WC ‘27) attend WC. The Reid’s’ daughter Abigail is currently being homeschooled, but David and Stephanie plan on enrolling her at Worthington Christian in the future.

“Worthington Christian met us in the middle of both of our backgrounds,” David said.  “However, we decided on sending our children to WC because we strongly felt it was what was best for them.”

The Reids first heard about the school by word of mouth from friends, neighbors, and parents in their home-schooled circle. What has kept the Reids at Worthington Christian is the support the teachers and the office staff provide.

“With all the normal problems from day to day and the occasional big problems that arise, it has been so comforting to know we are sending our children into an environment that not only academically prepares them for the world but teaches them the skills needed to build them up in their Christian faith,” Stephanie said. “It is such a joy to know when they are at WC, the school is helping us as parents train our children to walk in truth.”

“Our children love the interaction with not only the students but the teachers as well,” David said. “They have built friendships with both their classmates and their teachers. In any group setting, it’s a challenge to personally interact with each person, but the teachers at Worthington Christian try very hard to get to know each student.”

Recently the Reids were dealing with a serious health crisis in their family. David and Stephanie were moved when they heard several teachers and staff members had pulled their boys aside and prayed for them. Some teachers offered their classrooms as safe spaces for them to go to if they needed moments of solitude to get through the day.

“That support still continues to this day,” Stephanie said.  “As a parent, that has meant so much to us.”

Worthington Christian uses the phrase “Educating for Eternity” as their motto for the school.  David believes that phrase sums up the school.

“To me, Educating for Eternity means keeping your eyes on the right thing,” he said. “They have done a wonderful job in helping us keep our eyes on what is most important.”

“It continually reminds us that success is more than what the world says,” Stephanie added.  “True success comes from a life spent in God’s word and applying it to our lives.”

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