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College roommate, friends led Grahams to WC

But it’s the principles being taught at WC that have the Grahams returning each year

Before she went to college, Indiana native Jill Graham had never heard of Worthington Christian School. Once she started at Cedarville University, she couldn’t stop hearing about the school.

“My roommate Jennifer (Olexa) (WC ’93) graduated from Worthington Christian,” Graham said. “I met a lot of her friends that also graduated from WC. (The Worthington Christian alumni) I met were all such great people. They reminded me of people I knew at my Christian school that I went to in Indiana. It felt like home.”

Upon graduating from Cedarville, Jill followed her then-boyfriend Brad back to Columbus. Jill lived with a friend of her roommate, Kim Korodi (WC ’93) who also graduated from Worthington Christian, and Jill began to coach cheerleading at WC in 1997.

“Coaching at Worthington Christian introduced me to the school,” Jill said. “I saw that it was THE place I wanted my children to go when I had kids someday.”

Jump ahead two decades and Brad and Jill’s two sons, Carson WC ’22) and Brady (WC ’24) are both enrolled at Worthington Christian. Both have attended Worthington Christian since preschool.

The Grahams believe one of the benefits of attending the school is students receive a Christ-centered education.

“We want them at WC so that they can continue to learn about Jesus and focus on Him throughout their daily studies and conversations while they are away from us at home,” Jill said. “The principles they are being taught at WC are just an extension of what they are learning at home. We are excited they can continue learning about how to walk this Christian life at school also.”

The Grahams also cite the godly, caring teachers and staff as a huge draw to the school.

“Another benefit is my boys are in a school with fellow students, teachers, and staff who love Jesus,” Jill said. “It’s great to have a community of believers we as parents can go to when we have struggles or need help navigating through the maze of raising kids.”

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