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Touching learners’ souls

Kings find teachers who are willing to go the extra mile at Worthington Christian

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, there are 3.7 million people who serve as teachers in the United States. Of that number, many are experts in their subject areas, and a few can make a difference in the lives of their students. However, only a handful of teachers have what it takes to touch a learner’s soul.

Samson and Precious King believe one of Worthington Christian School’s greatest assets is the relationships their teachers have with their students. The King’s daughters Blessing (WC ’22) and Faith (WC ’25) and son Isaac (WC ’28) have learned Worthington Christian teachers are often willing to go the extra mile for the pupils.

“I was out of town and needed someone to deliver a surprise ‘I Miss You’ card to my son,” Samson said. “I was able to arrange that with his teacher and the card was delivered to him.

“The teachers here are well grounded in their areas of specialty and are willing to help (ensure) students learn.”

Those one-on-one relationships with the students were tested by the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. The Worthington Christian teachers were willing to put in the extra work to make sure the school was a safe haven, whether the students were learning virtually or in person.

“As far as I know, no one is an expert when it comes to handling the challenges of the pandemic,” Samson said. “I believe the school has been diligent enough to ensure the safety of the entire community. That is highly commendable.”

Samson and Precious attended public schools in Nigeria when they were growing up. When they moved to Columbus, the two inquired about Christian schools in the area. Many of their friends pointed them to Worthington Christian.

“We wanted them to have some form of Christian education in a larger environment,” Precious said. “We both attended public schools, but we grew to appreciate the significance of Christian education while in college and we wanted our kids to have similar experiences. “Worthington Christian offers a nicer environment than many of the public schools. There’s such a sense of community here.”

Outside of the classroom, the three children have enjoyed what the school has to offer in extracurricular activities. Blessing, Faith, and Isaac all play basketball and Isaac plays flag football through the school.

“We have enjoyed it for the most part,” Precious said. “They’ve learned the importance of teamwork and being on these teams helped them build many good friendships. The coaching staff have been very helpful and are committed to the continuous growth of the kids. We thank them for that.”

Asked what the King family would tell someone about Worthington Christian, Samson responded.

“We are firm believers in the total development of the human being. We appreciate the fact our kids are not just developing their physical and intellectual capabilities but having spiritual development as well. This is one of the major reasons we send our children here.

“This is a beautiful school that strives for excellence continually and we will always recommend it.”

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